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Baby Skin Care

Whose skin is the most sensitive and delicate? The answer will be the babies. Baby skin is the most vulnerable skin according to the scientists and doctors. We have to be very careful while handling their skin care. When a baby is born out of the mother's womb, we see they are so sensitive to the lights, the slightest sound. Inside they were highly protected. They are now out in the world where every minute there is dust, germs and pollution. So a special type of care is needed for their skin.

Babies' skin is very soft, and the skin is thinner than adults or grown-ups. So our skin care products will not suit the baby skin. They need something very mild and with moisture. Their skin product should contain less chemical and no pH. If the chemical is high, babies will get red rashes, and it will be painful and harmful to them. As a careful mom, you should choose the best and suitable product for your baby. In our country, we have special baby care products from specific companies who mainly made products suitable for a baby. Some of baby products brands are- Johnson's, Mother Care, Meril etc. They have special talcum powder, baby oil, baby soap, baby shampoo, baby lotion etc. As baby skin is delicate, you need to keep the moisturization level perfect. Otherwise, the baby's skin will get rough and reddish.

As a most careful mother, you need to give your baby shower regularly with a little warm water. Wipe the body very carefully and smoothly. Then apply talcum powder or baby oil or lotion to keep the skin away from the germ. By this way, you can keep the moisture of the baby skin so the skin will not be rough and dry and no rashes.

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