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Frozen Snacks

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Jhatpot Deshi Paratha Family Pack (Premium) 20pc 1300g

Tk 250
১৫৳ ছাড়

White Meat Ball 250 gm

Tk 180 Tk 165
১৫৳ ছাড়

Jhatpot French Fry 500gm

Tk 130 Tk 115
১৫৳ ছাড়

Jhatpot Chicken Nuggets 300gm

Tk 180 Tk 165

Jhatpot Samosa (Vegetable) 10pcs

Tk 120

Jhatpot Plain Paratha 1600gm

Tk 300

Jhatpot Chicken Strips 250gm

Tk 210

Jhatpot Deshi Parata 10pcs Premium Pack

Tk 130

Jhatpot Chicken Burger Patty 200gm

Tk 150

Jhatpot Dal Puri 10 pcs Packet 454gm

Tk 85

Jhatpot Aloo Puri 10 pcs Packet 454gm

Tk 85

Jhatpot Vegetable Spring Roll 9 Pcs Packet

Tk 100

Jhatpot Vegetable Singara 10 pcs Packet

Tk 100

Jhatpot Chicken Sausages 340gm

Tk 225

Jhatpot Chicken Mini Spring Roll 200gm

Tk 140

Jhatpot Mini Chicken Samosa 250gm

Tk 160

Jhatpot Low Fat Parata 600 gm 10pcs

Tk 75

Pran All Time Ruti 240gm

Tk 25

Rice Flour Roti 20pcs

Tk 160

Chingri Vorta 350gm

Tk 400

Chital Fish Kabab 300gm

Tk 399

Yowe Mushroom Straw 425g

Tk 119

Saporito Bolled Chick Peas 400g

Tk 119

Yowe Sweet Corn Kernel 425g

Tk 119

Frozen Snacks

Frozen snacks are those which we can buy and eat them just doing some minor processing bringing them at home. These can be taken anywhere, and these can be preserved for a long time. People love enjoying snacks, not for afternoon snacks, some even have them as their breakfast and dinner items. In western countries, these items are eaten as their main food also especially in Mexico when it comes to bread, biscuits, chips, etc.

In our country, all these items have gained popularity among the youngsters and children. They are recently crazy about these snacks. You can give them to your children, parents and a senior as it is not heavy. You and your family want to have something crispy and crunchy. You can have crispy chips and biscuits. If you want soft and sweet for snacks, then eat cakes. Well, you may also grab a honeycomb in your hand and enjoy the soft, sweet layers of it. Snacks are the most common items in afternoon food.

Some eat snacks like crazy whenever they want and wish. Some have only two slices of toasts with a cup of milk, tea or coffee in the morning. Students and people who are going through diet controlling especially follow this routine. But the diet controllers take normal bread toast with green tea to lose weight. We welcome our neighbors and guests with snacks when they come to our home for visiting or gossiping. A gathering becomes more lively and enjoyable with the crunchy, yummy snacks. Either you can buy snacks from a market, or you can buy them here.

Purchase frozen snacks from Othoba.com

Your children and family members will be delighted to have them made by your hands. But if you are a working housewife then it will be difficult for you to make them at home. Since you have less time in your hand, so from where you can get all these tasty and fresh snacks? You can buy them from local shops of your locality where these items are available. But why are we asking to buy from Othoba.com?

We are offering you all these items at a reasonable rate with the assurance of freshness and good tasty quality. There are no stale ingredients in the things provided by online grocery shop in Bangladesh Othoba.com. So buy from here and enjoy delicious snacks. You can also enjoy the comfort of purchasing these items sitting at your home. It will save you valuable time and money. Whatever the product is, just give us an order, we will send you the product at your home.