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Water Heater & Geyser Price in BD

In a country like Bangladesh, where transitional weather prevails, water heaters and geysers become essential for middle-class and unprivileged people who often suffer during the winter season.. A growing number of civilians are preferring to heat the water for taking bath but it's not an easy task as it is time-consuming and gas usage. A machine that helps all strata of people at a reasonable cost though there are a bunch of Vision water heater price in Bangladesh.

By maintaining safety issues, all classes of people may use Vision geysers. It, mostly, will be conducive for those who are service holders. With the advent of technology, water heaters will aid not only take baths but also do household chores.

Geyser Price in Bangladesh

Price of geysers according to brands are not similar. Modeled on specifications, customers might select due to their needs and budget. Nevertheless, there are top branded products and electric water heaters suffice in Bangladesh and Vision is being a trend for the users of geysers.

The facilities that are provided after purchasing vision geysers are incredible such as free installation, EMI opportunities, and free home delivery.

Vision Geyser Price in Bangladesh

Though every branded product has its unique features that attract customers like; Walton geyser, Ariston geyser, Midea geyser, and vision has brought numerous electronic items where geysers are contributing to enhancing the goodwill of the company. It, additionally, is undeniable that purchasers have faith in vision regarding product quality at a reasonable price.
To purchase water heater at a low cost, every inhabitant will be able to buy is an instant water heater. Owing to the fact that not only it has price variations but also EMI opportunities and brand warranty. offers its customers the best price for instant water heaters online and Rfl geysers in Bangladesh.

Geyser Price List in Bangladesh (2023)

The lowest Water Geyser Price in Bangladesh in 2023 is 6384 BDT. Whereas the highest price of Water Heater is 12,363 Taka (Bangladeshi) at

Best Water Heater/ Geyser Updated List (2023) Price in Bangladesh

RFL Electric Geyser Glossy 45L - Tk 8213 Tk 9125

RFL Remote Control System Robotic Electric Geyser 30L- Energy - Tk 13420 Tk 15250

VISION Electric Geyser RAC 30L Classic - Tk 7425 Tk 8250

Midea Instant Water Heater (MIH-406) (Best Price) - Tk 8775 Tk 13500

Gazi Geyser-35 Litre 35Y2B (Best Price) - Tk 10206 Tk 12600

Shine Electric Geyser Glamour 15L/hr - Tk 11865 

Best Geyser in Bangladesh

Any company might be reputed brand merely with their products and locals will be stimulated to promote them in the long run. So, that kind of branded geysers are Vision Geyser, Rfl geyser, Vigo geyser, Panasonic geyser, Midea geyser, Defender geyser, and Safe life geyser. Safety issues, notwithstanding, are particularly vital point in using geysers. For the people who have low income but require water heater, there is very big chance for them to purchase Vision geyser at affordable cost. In some cases, costly instant water heaters also have temperature control ability. The nearly zero percent of probability to meet an accident using Vision or Rfl geysers that no negative record has come on this brand. 

Instant Water Heater Price in BD

Top 10 brands in BD can be mentioned that they have overwhelmed reviews for their products from customers. On the contrary, to meet the customer requirement, those branded geysers have auto-stop options after desired warm.

More often than not, using a new machine could be an issue for users but sense of ideas and instructions will be provided by skilled technicians. Havells Instant Water heater, Toma Electric Water heater and Rfl instant water heater have well-reputation. High quality glass wool and low power consumption are one of the captivated features in geysers. Albeit some claim that using geysers are vulnerable but it’s not precisely right as they have temperature control features. Apart from that, top branded geysers are acquiring a sense of satisfaction from the customers that they can’t keep themselves away from providing reviews on Facebook, YouTube and so on. There are a handful of geysers that have major specifications and are providing extraordinary services.

Rfl geyser price in Bangladesh
Using Rfl geyser is very convenient to use and anywhere in the house can be installed. It will reduce gas bill. On International Trade Fair, Rfl geysers were one of the best-selling products. To get hot water it plays an important role as an alternative, on the other hand random discounts, promotional prices are often available on the website. Or even customers can get 0% EMI facility with a price range of 6000 tk to 12000 tk.

Vigo geyser price in BD
Water heaters are anticipated to be powerful and will be used roughly. During winter season, geysers are needed for all kinds of household chores and taking baths. So, if machines are unable to provide that support, then buying money will be wasted. All customers have to do is that they have to select top branded anyone like Vigo geyser, Vision geyser, Rfl geyser, Midea geyser etc. Most places in BD witness very bad climates and it’s an arduous task to visit a physical showroom to purchase, so these geysers are even being delivered outside of Dhaka city.

Others geyser in BD
An increasing number of geysers from top brand in BD have gained fame globally such as: Panasonic geyser, Midea geyser, Defender geyser, Safe life geyser, Havells Instant Water heater, and Toma Electric Water heater etc.

Electric water heater price in Bangladesh
A machine that uses electricity to heat the water for household chores. It has a storage tank where water is heated and stored until it is needed, as well as electrical element. Generally, technicians are the responsible person to install the water heater which is easy and the cost of electricity may be higher than the cost of gas. 

Walton Geyser Price in Bangladesh
Walton is a Bangladeshi brand and they came with diverse products like refrigerators, air-conditions, geysers, water heaters, TV and so on. Furthermore, some models even feature advanced technology such as digital displays and remote control functionality. As their brand values are enhancing day by day, it is undoubtedly clear that they have ample technology to produce geysers for the consumers. The good reviews from customers are incentivizing but Vision geysers are on the top of the list.

Ariston geyser price in Bangladesh
Ariston is a well-known brand that manufactures a wide range of geysers and water heaters. In Bangladesh, they are selling various sizes, models, and prices of water heaters that can be installed in a variety of locations such as; outside Dhaka city and inside Dhaka city.

Rfl Instant Water Heater Price in Bangladesh
For people who are not comfortable bearing the cost of costly geysers, they will be able to purchase Rfl instant water heater. The reason behind this is that company owners want to make it available to all types of people in the country.

Midea geyser price in Bangladesh
Midea is a well-reputed brand that they have almost all sorts of products. Besides, their products have standard features, as well as smart technology in them. It is well-known not only for its product quality but also services.

Buying Guide: 

You ought to consider the following factors before selecting a geyser for your home.
Capacity needed: One of the most crucial considerations before purchasing a water heater is the size of the appliance you want to have.
Geyser shape: It should be considered due to the space where will be installed. You should check your space and can place order then.
Wattage: The operating power of a water heater expressed in watts.
Supplied water type: The flow of water is significant to use without any interruptions. Hence, once should choose before decide geyser.
Go for the trusted brands: Brand value ensures the quality of the products. Civilians ought to consider the product according to the brand.
Building type: Machines are long-lasted if it was proper used so building type should be in priority list before purchasing.

Safety Guide: 

Please ensure the area where the geyser will be installed is fully ventilated and there is no electricity related error. Fixing temperature is also significant that it’s all set to an optimum level and is not very high.

If need don’t be misguided so better to take professional assistance as well.
Harmful substances should not be near the geyser.
Monitoring the geyser regularly will aid to avoid any sort of accident.
Hot atmosphere might be prevented such as: electrical stove, electric machines etc.
After using 3 or 4 months, wire of geysers and overall checking are needed.
Customers must not store anything on top of the geysers.
Wet fingers should not be used to switch on or off the geysers.
When not using gas-based geyser please ensure that gas line is disconnected.
Childs are innocent so they should be aware of it.

Any material should not be used on geyser like spoon etc.
Please ask the technician or company if anything you need to know about geyser and install by them.

Please take the warranty card and bill safely that you may get warranty services.
Please go through the geysers review by Facebook and purchase the top branded one.
Ensure the geyser is well-maintained.
Consider installing a gas leakage detector in case one is using a gas heater.
Make sure the geyser is made as per international standards.

Schools, hospitals, and offices have a growing man power so users should be aware of it that is well-maintained.

Strap the geyser to the wall during installation to prevent it from falling in case of an earthquake.
Please purchase from any reputed company like Vision geysers, Rfl geysers, and Vigo etc.