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Lifebuoy Care Handwash Liquid 180ml Pouch

Tk 65
50Tk Off

Mediker SafeLife Hand Wash 170ml Refill 3Pcs

Tk 200 Tk 150
30Tk Off

Mediker Safelife Combo Pack 370ml (Pump + Refill)

Tk 140 Tk 110
35Tk Off

Mediker SafeLife Hand Wash Pump Combo Pack (200ml X 2pcs)

Tk 180 Tk 145
15Tk Off

Mediker SafeLife Hand Wash 200ml Pump

Tk 90 Tk 75
25Tk Off

Mediker SafeLife Hand Wash Refill Combo Pack (170ml X 2pcs)

Tk 100 Tk 75
10TK Off

Mediker SafeLife Hand Wash 170ml Refill

Tk 50 Tk 40

Dettol Handwash 170ml Combo (B3G1)

Tk 195

Harpic 500ml+Harpic Powder 400gm Combo

Tk 155

Surjo Detergent Powder 500gm

Tk 60

Surjo Detergent Powder 1000gm

Tk 110

Dettol Handwash 200ml Pump Re-energize

Tk 100

Dettol Handwash 200ml Pump Cool

Tk 100

Dettol Handwash 170ml Pouch Skincare

Tk 60

Dettol Aloe Vera Liquid Handwash Refill 170ml

Tk 65

Finis Phenyle 950ml Perfumed

Tk 125

Rin Power Bright 2kg

Tk 220

Rin Detergent Liquid 430ml

Tk 99

Wheel Clean & Fresh 1kg

Tk 85

Wheel Clean & Fresh 500gm

Tk 45

Wonder Dish Wash Bar 325 gm

Tk 32

Dettol Handwash Pouch Re-energize 170 ml

Tk 65

Dettol Handwash Pouch Cool 170 ml

Tk 65

Harpic Bundle Pack 750ml+500ml

Tk 240

Ozol All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

Tk 130

Lizol 975 ml Citrus

Tk 255

Lifebuoy Total Handwash Liquid 180ml Pouch

Tk 65

Lifebuoy Total Handwash Liquid 200ml Pump

Tk 90

Lifebuoy Care Handwash Liquid 200ml Pump

Tk 95

ROK Rose Floor Cleaner 900ml

Tk 240

ROK Lemon Floor Cleaner 900ml

Tk 240

Jet Detergent 400gm

Tk 95

Jet Detergent 220gm

Tk 50

Wheel Washing Powder Lemon Power 500gm

Tk 45

Lifebuoy Total 100gm

Tk 35

Lifebuoy Care 100gm

Tk 35

Lifebuoy Bar Total 150gm

Tk 50

Lifebuoy Bar Care 150gm

Tk 48

Mr. BRASSO 350 ml Glass & Household Cleaner

Tk 115

Vim Liquid 500ml

Tk 110

Vim Liquid 250ml

Tk 55

Harpic Total Powder 200gm

Tk 42

Harpic Power Plus 750 ml

Tk 130

Harpic Power Plus 500 ml

Tk 135

Surf Excel 500gm

Tk 99

Harpic Power Plus 1 Litre - 5X

Tk 165

Vim Bar 325gm

Tk 32

Surf Excel 1kg

Tk 230

There are certain things which very much necessary in our daily household such as hand wash, sanitizer, soap, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, detergent, glass cleaner, bleaching powder, etc. These things are commonly known as household supplies. Only a mother or the person who runs the house can understand the importance of this stuff.

You also can understand the significance when you do not get these things in time of your necessity. These are the gifts of modern science to our household. These things have made our life easy. These stuffs are ensuring our healthy family life. We cannot do a single job in our household without these stuff.

Importance of household supplies

Can you clean your clothes without soap? If you even wash, will all the dirt and dust of the clothes be removed? Do you think it is healthy to bath without soap? Do you think only water is enough to clean your hand after using a bathroom and eating food? If the answer is "NO" for those questions, I would say that you understand the importance of these products. On the other hand, a healthy family also looks after some other things like using a toilet cleaner for cleaning a toilet, using floor cleaner to free the floor of bacteria, etc. A modern family uses upgraded soap, detergent, glass cleaner, liquid hand wash, etc. to add comfort and luxury in their life.

How to buy home supplies

Home supplies can be purchased from a small departmental store as well as from a large super shop. Hundreds of branded home supplies are available in the markets of Bangladesh. Some of them are the local brand, and others are international. Branded home suppliers are Chaka Ball Soap, Chaka Washing Powder, Farmasi Hand Wash, Glitter dish washing, Glitter Floor Cleaner, Glitter Glass Cleaner, Harpic Power, Jet detergent, Lifebuoy Bar, Lifebuoy Care Hand Wash, Ray Washing Powder, Rin Powder, Surf Excel, Swift Liquid Toilet Cleaner, Tibet Soap, Vim Bar, Vim Liquid, Wheel Washing Powder Lemon, Clariss hand wash, etc.

All these items are popular among the Bangladeshi people, but the problem is you may not be able to buy these products from a particular place because a local shop may not have the supply of all these products all time. You can buy all these items from a single place, and that place is the top Bangladeshi online shopping store Othoba.com which is known for its high quality and original products.