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Round Frame Wall Clock Red V11

Tk 500 Tk 250
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Love Frame Wall Clock Red V10

Tk 538 Tk 269

Orbit RTG Wall Clock

Tk 1500
10% OFF

Motion Wall Clock Tel

Tk 350 Tk 315

Pen Holder With Digital Watch

Tk 550

Wooden Pen Holder With 2 Pen & Watch

Tk 420

Tune Digital Clock

Tk 1840 Tk 1200

Tune Wall Clock TR-2 Orange

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-4 Red

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-4 Green

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-4

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-3

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-1

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock Oval Black

Tk 440

Water Drop Table Clock

Tk 160

Meiya Table Clock Yellow

Tk 155

Mouth Table Clock Red

Tk 160

Apple Table Clock Red

Tk 185

Sweet Time Table Clock Green

Tk 160

Train Table Clock Violet

Tk 190

Butterfly Table Clock

Tk 175

Heart Table Clock Pink

Tk 200

Digital Pen Holder Clock

Tk 449

Tune Wall Clock Oval (Orange)

Tk 450

Alarm Clock Auto Bike Model Silver

Tk 500 Tk 208


There is a proverb, "time and tide wait for none." Even if tide waits for anyone, time waits for none. The modern world is a busy world. If we do not do our works in time, we will surely lag behind. So, maintain our works according to time is very necessary. Maintaining time without a clock is quite impossible. We cannot know about time without a clock that is why we use various types of clock including wall clock, table clock, hand watch, etc. All these clocks can give us exact time & we can do our works accordingly.

If a student does not do study timely, he will not do well in the examination. If a worker does not complete his works timely, he will be scolded so clock in necessary. Fact is, a clock is not only a thing of necessity but also a thing of decoration too. The beauty of your wall can be increased by using a beautiful wall clock. It shows aristocracy too. Many expensive wall clocks are perfect for showing your aristocracy. A table clock can be best decoration thing for your reading table. Many types of table clocks are available now. You can buy an exceptional one and keep on your reading table or bedside table. It will look stylish.

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Clocks are no longer time saying machine. It has become a thing of hobby and decoration now. Table clocks are being used as a showpiece; wall clocks are being used as wall decor. Whatever the purpose is, it is very much necessary for our home. Without clocks, a room seems incomplete. An alarm clock can wake you up whenever you need to. You can go to office timely, say your prayer timely and also go to school time if you have a chance saying machine namely clock. You can buy various model table clocks from influential online marketplace in Bangladesh Othoba.com. As you see, there are many table clocks that can be used as table clocks too. The wall clocks that are available here will increase the beauty of your room along with giving an exact time.

If you buy a clock from local shops, you may purchase replica products that would not last long. To get original and latest models of the clock, you should buy clock online from here at Othoba.com because only we keep the most recent models of a watch on our website.