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Toilet Water Pot 2.25L Black

Tk 55

Toilet Water Pot 2L Blue

Tk 55

Toilet Water Pot 2.5L Blue

Tk 60

Toilet Water Pot 2.25L Red

Tk 55

Toilet Water Pot 2L Red

Tk 55

Toilet Water Pot 2.5L Red

Tk 60

TEL Water Pot 2.25L Blue

Tk 55

TEL Laundry Basket Red

Tk 300

Tel Plastic Laundry Basket Round Red

Tk 150

Winner Ice Box 8L Red

Tk 655

Cane Paper Basket Eagle Brown

Tk 250

Cane Laundry Basket Medium Parrot Green

Tk 625

Cane Laundry Basket Medium Light Pink

Tk 625

Cane Laundry Basket Medium Cyan Blue

Tk 625

Mini Organizer Light Pink

Tk 90

Winner Ice Box 8L Blue

Tk 655

Mini Organizer W/O Pack Light Pink

Tk 275

Organizer Min W/O Pack Red

Tk 275

Fish Crate Small SM Blue

Tk 690

Fish Crate Medium SM Blue

Tk 1000

Chicken Case Big SM Blue

Tk 2400

Decorator Glass Crate SM Blue

Tk 350

Industrial Pallet Double 120x100x16 cm

Tk 5830
0% EMI Starts at Tk 485.83 / month

Pallet Plastic Single 120x100x7.6 cm

Tk 2695

Support 150 Ltr Double Vending Ice Box

Tk 12000
0% EMI Starts at Tk 1000 / month

Support 150 Ltr Vending Ice Box

Tk 11150
0% EMI Starts at Tk 929.17 / month

4 Step Round Rack Pearl Pink

Tk 460

Chicken Case Small SM Blue

Tk 2200

Storage Organizer Box With Lid Trans

Tk 780 Tk 725

Blanket Box Trans

Tk 745

Beauty Box Trans Pink

Tk 170

Executive Organizer Light Pink

Tk 600

Deluxe Milk Crate SM Blue

Tk 370

Milk Crate SM Blue

Tk 350

Poultry Food Feeder TEL

Tk 180

Fabric Shoe Storage with 12 Pairs Holder

Tk 500 Tk 420

Chicken Case Small Black

Tk 1600

Beauty Box Trans Pink

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Don't you think that it will be great if you find the exact storage and organizer to keep your things? To help you and fulfill your desire, Othoba.com brings you the largest collection of storage and organizer. You can easily find here the most suitable storage and organizer.

Various storage organizers are used for different purposes like you may keep ice in an ice box, store the chicken in a Chicken Case, keep your glasses in a Glass Crate, for fish keeping there is a fish crate. There are also four steps round rack, three layer dish drainer, blanket box, deluxe organizer, executive organizer, etc. These things have many colors and sizes.

Why should you have storage and organizer?

If you are willing to keep your things safe, then you must buy storage and organizer. An ice box can easily carry many pieces of ice, but a human cannot do it empty handed. Chicken can stay safe in a chicken case; a glass decorator can organize your glasses accordingly. The fish carrier is most important to the fishermen because, without it, they cannot carry fish easily. Without dish drainer, drying dishes would found impossible. Round rack can be most handy for keeping vegetables; bowls come as a great help to us. Bowls can help you to store many things. Racks can help you to organize your equipment systematically.

Where to buy from?

You can find storage and organizer in the local markets, but all the available products are not good. You have learned to choose quality products. Original storage and organizer are beautiful looking, hard to break, durable, design is perfect, and finishing is unquestionable. Given this suggestion, you may buy your desired storage and organizer, but the problem is you may not find the exact products that you need because the local showrooms do not keep all the items. If you want to buy the best-branded organizer and storage like DPL, RFL Furniture, RFL Plastics, Support, TEL Plastics and Winner without any trouble, then you should buy them from here.

Being an Online store BD, Othoba.com has all the collection of storage and organizer. You may choose for your desired product's model, color, and size. We have a reputation of selling good products. Products available at Othoba.com are durable, and design is without unique. While buying storage and organizer, you should notice the size. If it meets your necessity, then buy it. For best comparison of products, search and see on our website.