Jam and Jelly are sweet food made from various foods, especially with orange. Jam & Jelly is a common food item. Everyone likes to have jam and jelly in their breakfast. The bread tastes great with jam and jelly. All ages of people like to eat jam and jelly with bread. Children love to eat bread with jelly.  Jam & jelly is made with fruits, so this is a very healthy for people. You can get vitamin A and vitamin C from jam and jelly.

Eating dry bread in the breakfast seems very unappetizing to us. We can eat a single piece of bread. So, we have to go to school, college or office with an empty stomach. If we have jam & jelly in our home then mixing it with our pieces of bread, we can eat our breakfast properly because jam & jelly make slices of bread so yummy that we cannot resist eating it.

Various types of jam and jelly are available in Bangladesh. Among the orange, jelly is the most favorite to people. PRAN orange jelly is found almost in all houses. It is the most favorite brand of Bangladeshi people. PRAN produces tasty and quality jam and jelly. It tastes like homemade jams and jellies. Some local food makers also produce jam and jelly, but they are deficient quality and can harm your health.

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Jam and jelly is a daily food menu in our life. It is a continuous partner in our breakfast. We cannot think of our meal without jam and jelly in the morning or evening snacks. Sometimes it helps us to make instant snacks for guests. Jam and jelly is a regular item in any departmental shop, grocery shop, and super store. You can buy it from these outlets. You can also buy jam & jelly from a BD online shopping store i.e. Othoba.com. They sell jam and jelly by PRAN.

Available sizes of PRAN Orange Jelly in Othoba.com are 1KG Jar, 375gm, 400gm Mug and a premium one. Their price is 170 Taka, 100 Taka, 155 Taka, 70 taka accordingly. You can buy jelly from the listed seller of Othoba.com "Daily Shopping" for the most reasonable price.

Jam and jelly can increase the taste of loaves of bread and other relevant foods to a large extent. If your children do not want to eat pieces of bread then give them with mixing some jelly, they will eat the loaves of bread happily.