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Potol (পটল) 1kg

Tk 27

Okra (ঢেঁড়স) 1KG

Tk 24

Snake gourd (চিচিঙা) 1KG

Tk 30

Green Papaya (কাঁচা পেঁপে) 1 KG

Tk 35

Potato (আলু ) Seasonal Pack 1 KG

Tk 23

Vegetable Korola Small (Uchsse) Kg

Tk 72

Vegetable Cucumber (Deshi Shosha) kg

Tk 70

Vegetable Green (Kacha) Mishti Kumra 1kg

Tk 28

Vegetable Big Lemon (Ripe) Per pc

Tk 8

Grapes (আঙ্গুর) Red 1 kg

Tk 350

Apple-Gala 1kg

Tk 220

Bael (বেল) Per Pc

Tk 65

Papaya Red Lady 1kg Local

Tk 190

Golden Apple (আপেল)

Tk 210

Garden Fresh Harivanga Mango 1Kg

Tk 95

Lemon Big Round (লেবু) per pc

Tk 5.50

Begun (বেগুন) Round Green

Tk 75

Ginger (আদা) China pack 1 kg

Tk 200

Garlic China (রসুন ) Pack 1 kg

Tk 180

Onion (Local) 1kg

Tk 54

Vegetable Loti (লতি) Per Bundle

Tk 60

Papaya Ripe (পাকা পেঁপে) Thai 1kg

Tk 120

Kakrol (কাঁকরোল) 1kg

Tk 50

Jhinga (ঝিঙ্গা) 1kg

Tk 55

Dhundul (ধুন্দুল) 1kg

Tk 55

Chal Kumra (চাল কুমড়া) per pc

Tk 35

Vegetable Round Lemon (লেবু) per pc

Tk 2

Aloe Vera 1pcs

Tk 32

Banana Chini Champa Per Pc

Tk 7

Grapes Green (আঙ্গুর) 1 KG

Tk 400

Pomegranate (বেদানা) 1 KG

Tk 360

Pineapple (আনারস) Per Piece

Tk 38

Green Banana (কাঁচা কলা) Per piece

Tk 11

Vegetable Red Amaranth (লাল শাক) Per Bundle

Tk 12

Coriander (ধনিয়া পাতা) Per Bundle

Tk 100

Bottle Gourd (Lau) Per Piece

Tk 45

Green Chili (কাঁচা মরিচ) 1Kg

Tk 100

Dry Coconut (নারিকেল) Per piece

Tk 90

Vegetable Cucumber Hybrid (শসা) 1Kg

Tk 55

Vegetable Capsicum Green (মিষ্টি মরিচ) 1KG

Tk 260

Sweet Gourd (মিষ্টি কুমড়ো) 1 KG

Tk 22

Malta 1 KG

Tk 152

Orange (কমলা) 1 KG

Tk 210

Brinjal Long (বেগুন ) 1 KG

Tk 50

Brinjal (বেগুন ) 1 KG

Tk 80

Guava (পেয়ারা) 1 KG

Tk 88

Asian Pear (নাশপাতি) 1 KG

Tk 200

Bitter Gourd (করলা) 1 KG

Tk 70

Bangladesh is an agriculture-based country where fruits and vegetables are main items that our country farmers usually grow in their lands. Fruits and vegetables meet up our daily nutrition need which is essential to lead a healthy, sickness free life. Vegetables and fruits prevent many diseases. By eating this one can be work-efficient and strong in a certain age when generally people become old and can't work as they become weak and feeble.

Vegetables prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and keep a proper digestive system. Everyday eating of fruits and vegetables are very helping. If you want to work hard and stay strong and healthy at the same time, you've to maintain a balanced diet which will include seasonal vegetables and fruits in your daily food habit. Summer is said to be the "MODHU-MAS". It's the season when different types of fruits grow in abundance.Green vegetables are very helpful for your eyesight and eating green vegetables will help you to have a proper blood circulation through your veins. You can eat ripe bananas as fruits which will provide you with enough energy and calories. You can have green bananas as "torkari" to keep your digestion system trouble free; you can also eat green papayas for this purpose also.

You can also eat mangoes, apples, pineapples, Bangi etc to preserve your youth for a long time than usual as it will help you to be healthy and young. Fresh vegetables and fruits thus help you to prevent ageing system naturally instead of using artificial and chemical products. Eating vegetables and fruits keep you young naturally without any bad side effects like those so-called anti-ageing creams and products. Do you want to stay young with those chemical products which also cost you much money than fruits and vegetables?

Now the question is from where you can get these vegetables & fruits?

You can get them locally or in mega shops, super-shops. You can also grow them by yourself in your kitchen garden and in the rooftop. But Othoba.com is providing you with the easiest solution. You can buy them online, sitting at your home by just one click. Choose and clicks, then you get them at your door. Why should you go to local market in this sunny, rainy weather and taking the trouble of passing the crowd of people? We are offering it more easily and you can purchase by one click. Again while importing these fruits and vegetables, they become damaged while transportation. As they are perishable, they'll perish more quickly if they are damaged. So you want to buy fresh and quality vegetables and fruits stay with Othoba.com, best online shopping in Bangladesh with home delivery assurance.