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Tea & Coffee

Tea is a ubiquitous hot/cold aromatic beverage in all over the world. After water, tea has been drunk by the second large number of people in the countries across the globe then the position of coffee. Tea is originated in Southeast of China. It was then used for medicinal purpose for the sick and wounded. Later, it becomes popular as a recreational drink. Tea grows plenty in our country. We have vast tea gardens in the district of Sylhet, Chittagong, Moulvibazar, Jamalpur, Madhupur and also in some districts of north Bengal of our country. Some people have their private tea garden where they grow tea plants and export tea dust/dried leaves to the other parts of the country and also in foreign countries. Coffee is a drink that is brewed from the roasted coffee beans. These beans are found in the berries of a coffee plant.

The common use of tea or coffee is an afternoon beverage item and the morning recreational item or break time recreational item. Some love tea & coffee without milk or sugar. These are very strong in taste and vanishes away your tiredness of the whole body. You can also have milk tea/coffee which is served with the addition of sugar and milk. This is the most common item that we usually drink in our countries. Tea/coffee is beneficial as it reduces tiredness, bad headache, and gives you a pleasant relief and refreshment from the monotony of continuous work. A cup of tea/coffee in the break time makes your nerves stimulation which is a precondition for the continuation of work after the break with the same energy as you started the very beginning.

If you are suffering from cold/snivel, have a cup of tea with ginger, basil leaves, and lemon and see the magic. Eventually, you'll feel better. Because it helps to clear and open up your nostrils so that you can breathe easy. It also has very effective aspects in case if you are suffering from a cough. Drink tea regularly with ginger and basil leaves and cloves; you will get rid of your cold and cough naturally. Another kind of tea/coffee is becoming popular in our country which works as a cold beverage. Its name is iced tea/coffee. It gives you refreshing smoothness and cools down your body temperature which has risen due to weather.

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