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What is MS Pipe?

MS Pipe and MS Tube refer to Mild Steel Pipe or Mild Steel Tubes. As MS MS Pipe is made from mild steel they can easily be welded and formed in various shapes and sizes for pipelining and tubing purposes.


MS Pipe manufacturers in Bangladesh

RFL Plastics Ltd manufactures high-quality MS Pipes at the best price in Bangladesh. RFL Plastics Ltd manufactures MS Pipes in various sizes, grades, and specifications as per various national and international demands.


Where MS Pipes can be used?

RFL MS Pipes has been constantly executing need based demanding orders for MS Pipes to meet the requirement of sectors like Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Public Health, Housing, Irrigation, Engineering, etc. Different uses of MS Pipes are like-

Structure- Shed, Scaffolding, Railing, Stairs, Tents, Doors,

Industrial- Tools, Trolleys, Machinery, Supports, Barricading, Poles,

Automobiles- Chassis, Steering, Tools, Parts,

Domestic- Doors, Railings, Stairs, Decoration, Tents, Fencing,

Furniture- Chairs, Table, Racks, Storage System

MS Pipe weight Calculation

Pipe Weight Calculation is a very important parameter in piping engineering. Pipe weight is directly related to its thickness. The more the pipe thickness or pipe schedule the more is the pipe weight. The more the pipe weight, the more will be its rigidity and less flexibility. More pipe weight means more cost of procurement. More pipe weights add more loads on the pipe supports requiring more robust structural member requirements.


Pipe Weight Calculation Formula

To calculate the mass of any object we can use the following formula.

 Mass (M) = Density (D) X Volume (V)

Pipe weight is also calculated using the same equation. Pipe weight is normally expressed in Pipe Weight per meter of length or Pipe Weight per foot of length. Also, there are two other terms associated with pipe weight calculation. These are-

  • Empty Pipe Weight Calculation
  • Water filled Pipe Weight Calculation

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