Baby Potty

Babies are very soft and delicate. They do not have a firm and strong backbone like adults. So they cannot sit properly at the very beginning of their birth. Day by day they gradually become stronger and grow up. After eight months of their birth they can sit, and after six months they can crawl. Within thirteenth, to the eighteenth month, they learn to stand up holding the nearest support. Finally, they start to walk by little steps. They do defecate like elders, but they cannot sit like grown-up people. Their legs are not strong enough at this stage to maintain the balance sitting over a commode like others. So they need something supportive for this purpose.

Baby potties are introduced to help babies in their defecation system. Most of the baby potties have a strong base so that babies can easily sit on them and do the releasing job. The most common baby potty in our country is the red potty. This potty looks like a high plastic commode. Baby can sit on them keeping two legs on both sides of the commode. Recently a revolution has been made on the design as the new versions are added to a long high neck or head so that while defecation babies can hold on to them for support. This is added to prevent baby from falling from the potty if they are trying to crawl on a side. Keeping in mind about what babies like, the makers give the potties head of a bunny, a duck, a rabbit or any cartoon.

Some potties' are like a little chair for the kids. They have cartoon figure. But your baby can easily sit on them as they are made as a sitting chair. Some potties' have extra lids on the commode. Potties' are made to get the kids used to sit for defecation to make them capable of sitting on the actual high commode or flat mode as soon as possible. They are also easily transportable. Because of some of them especially the chair systems can be folded up when you are travelling. Looking for baby bathtubs and potty? You can find them available in plastic ware shops. But the plastic quality can be low. So after a very short use, the tub or potty will be ruptured. Do you need the best one for your baby?

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