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EMI Policy

EMI facilities are provided to the only credit card holder customers, in two different methods:

1. Paperless Digital EMIs
2. Form-based regular EMIs

Digital EMIs: Customer will be provided EMI facilities on select banks' credit cards upon online transaction if the customer chooses to avail EMI facilities. No EMI forms need to be filled and sent to Othoba.com or concerned bank.

Regular EMI: EMI facilities will be provided on select banks' credit cards, provided that,

  • Customers must fill-up an EMI form upon online transaction within 3 working days.
  • If the customer fails to fill-up the form within next working days, s/he must inform othoba.com through email to info@othoba.com & emi@othoba.com that customer needs more time to fill up the EMI form.
  • If for any unavoidable situations, the EMI facility fails to get activated before the customer's bill cycle, othoba.com will adjust the EMI facility to the customers' credit card in the next bill cycle.
  • For any unavoidable situations from othoba.com's end, if any interest gets added to the customers' credit card bill, othoba.com will refund the interest to the customer.
  • For Debit Card, EMI is not applicable. If a product is ordered through Debit Card then the order will be cancelled.