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Chicken Broiler without Skin 1kg

Tk 255 Tk 249

Beef Premium 1kg

Tk 529

Chicken Broiler With Skin 1kg

Tk 254

Mutton (মাটন)

Tk 790

Duck (হাঁস) Per kg

Tk 550

Broiler Chicken Without Skin Per kg

Tk 290

Duck Meat With Bone - 1Kg

Tk 380

Chicken Keema - 1Kg

Tk 480

Local Chicken Per Pc

Tk 420

Chicken Leg 1Kg

Tk 325

Liver & Gizzard 1Kg

Tk 220

Broiler Without Skin 1 Kg

Tk 285

Chicken Roast 1 Pc

Tk 159

Beef Premium 1 Kg

Tk 575

Beef Boneless 1 kg

Tk 750

Mutton Liver 1 Kg

Tk 520

Beef Stomach 1 Kg

Tk 280

Mutton Paya 1Pcs

Tk 40

Chicken Boneless 1 Kg

Tk 455

Chicken Wings 1 Kg

Tk 290

Chicken Drumsticks 1 Kg

Tk 365

Cow Leg 1 Pcs

Tk 290

Beef Liver 1 KG

Tk 570

Beef Boneless 1Kg

Tk 730

Beef Bone 1 Kg

Tk 599


Meat is the source of protein and is one of the necessary and essential food items of our daily life. This item is favorite among the people across the globe. Everybody loves eating meat and items made of meat. Nowadays children don't want to eat anything which doesn’t contain meat. A significant amount of meat is used for different items of food production daily. Meat is beneficial for our health. But after an absolute age limit, we should not eat meat excessively because it will cause diabetes, high pressure, appendicitis, etc.

There are various kinds of meat available and eaten by people of the universe. In western countries, we find the meats such as- Chicken, Beef, Mutton, Pork, Bacon, Turkey, Quail, and Rabbit, etc. In our country, the most common sources of meat are- Chicken, Beef, and Mutton. Chicken is widely eaten not only in our country but also in other countries. You can find different types of chicken which are known as Deshi, Pakistani, Broiler, Sonali and Cross. Another source is beef which people love so much. Mutton is also another which is preferred by also the majority. Beef is the cow meat, and Mutton is the goat or sheep meat. People of Bangladesh also eat the meat of Buffalos. But chicken is the top priority in the kitchen of our country. Various items can be made out of these meat items. Though chicken is eaten mainly throughout the year, on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Ajha people, eat beef and mutton more than chicken.

So, where you can buy this most essential and necessary item of meat?

You can raise chicken, cow or goat in your house backyard if you are living on a farm or in the countryside and then have them when they are big enough to be eatable. But it will be a problem when you are living in an urban city as there will be a shortage of space and time if you are busy to raise these sources. You can buy them in the case from the local market of your neighborhood where raw meats are available. After buying them you have to clean them very well, and after that, you can cook them.

If you don't want to take this trouble of cleaning and washing, then you can buy it from mega-shops and online shop. Othoba.com is offering you this service so you can feel free not to take the trouble. Othoba.com, being a Bangladesh online market is also maintaining the freshness and quality. Buy meat online from here and cook meat item deliciously and easily.