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Apple Fuji (আপেল) 1 KG 65074

Tk 270

Guava (পেয়ারা) 1 KG 65013

Tk 100

Gopal Bhog Mango 15 kg

Tk 1200

Gopal Bhog Mango 20 kg

Tk 1600

Gopal Bhog Mango 30 kg

Tk 2400

Gopal Bhog Mango 40 kg

Tk 3200

Gopalvog Mango 10Kg

Tk 980

Gopalvog Mango 15kg

Tk 1470

Gopalvog Mango 20kg

Tk 1960

Gopalvog Mango 25kg

Tk 2450

Gopalvog Mango 40kg

Tk 3920

Guthi Mango 10Kg

Tk 750

Guthi Mango 15Kg

Tk 1125

Guthi Mango 20Kg

Tk 1500

Guthi Mango 25Kg

Tk 1875

Guthi Mango 40Kg

Tk 3000

Himsagar Mango 15 kg

Tk 1350

Himsagar Mango 20 kg

Tk 1800

Himsagar Mango 30 kg

Tk 2700

Himsagar Mango 40 kg

Tk 3600

Langra Mango 15 kg

Tk 1350

Langra Mango 20 kg

Tk 1800

Langra Mango 30 kg

Tk 2700

Langra Mango 40 kg

Tk 3600

Ajwa Date (আজওয়া খেজুর) 250gm

Tk 495

Ajwa Date (আজওয়া খেজুর) 500gm

Tk 990

Almond (কাঠবাদাম) 1kg

Tk 950

Almond (কাঠবাদাম) 500gm

Tk 475

Apricot 200 Gm

Tk 250

Avocado 1 kg

Tk 810

Avocado 500 g

Tk 410

Bael (বেল) Per Pc 65083

Tk 42

Banana Chini Champa Per Pc 65069

Tk 5

Black Grape (কালো আঙ্গুর) 1 kg

Tk 320

Black Grape (কালো আঙ্গুর) 500 gm

Tk 160

Coconut (নারকেল) 1 Piece

Tk 75

Coconut Shredded 400gm

Tk 190

Dragon Fruit (ড্রাগন ফল) 1 kg

Tk 650

Dragon Fruit (ড্রাগন ফল) 500 gm

Tk 325

Dry Fig (ডুমুর) 250 Gm

Tk 650

Durian 1 kg

Tk 780

Gala Apple (গালা আপেল) 1 kg

Tk 240

Garden Fresh Himshagor Mango 65022

Tk 140

Golden Apple (আপেল) 65012

Tk 258

Golden Apple (গোল্ডেন আপেল) 1 kg

Tk 240

Grapes Green (আঙ্গুর) 1 KG 65098

Tk 340

Green Grape (সবুজ আঙ্গুর) 1 kg

Tk 340

Green Grape (সবুজ আঙ্গুর) 500 gm

Tk 170

Who doesn't want to eat fruits? Of course, you'll answer that children don't want to eat them. But when they grow up, this hatred is changed to awareness & love for fruits as they gradually go towards the age limit & try hard to keep them healthy & fit Bangladesh is the country of six seasons where various seasonal & also foreign fruits grow in abundance all the year long. Fruits are the source of different vitamins & minerals. We should keep seasonal fruits in our daily food chart to remain the healthy one.

Benefits of Fruits

Fruits keep us young & work-efficient. Those who eat a certain number of fruits &certain seasonal fruits can have a long life ahead. We can follow the western food tradition where people drink fresh fruit juice & eat them instead of eating junk food like colas, also heavily carbonated beverages. We can follow the players of our country who eat more fruits than carbohydrate & starch to keep them balanced & healthy. Different types fruits like banana, Bangi, apple, dates, Asian pear, guava, Malta, green grapes, pineapple, pomegranate can be found in the market in this season. Banana is the source of high-energy & gives us enough calories for one day if you eat one banana per day. Apples are useful for your skin. You can keep away cancer by eating an apple daily.

Apple keeps you young & makes your skin light & smooth. Banana is very necessary for your hair growth & glaze. Pineapple is very effective if you have a high fever. It makes your appetite come back & keeps down your body temperature from rising any higher. Pineapple also cures worms. Pineapple juice is very refreshing for anyone. You can have Bangi, our country food to cool yourself in hot weather. Dates keep your sugar okay in your body. Guava is very helpful for any dental problem. It makes your gum strong & makes your teeth healthier so that you can eat more things happily.

Pomegranate is very useful for patient & old people. It gives them nutrition & makes them comparatively healthy than their worst condition. Orange is the abundant source of vitamin C. It keeps away various oral infections. You can give old, child & sick person orange & pomegranate juice which will improve their condition far better during sickness.

To able to eat fresh fruits what can you do? Well, you can plant fruit trees in your plot if you have any; you can plant them in your garden in front/behind of your house, grow them then enjoy them. You can do this on ”to" at your rooftop/veranda. What if any one of these is not possible? Don’t worry, here in, a Bangladeshi online store you will find various seasonal fruits which you need in a prize which you will happily pay. So it’s now easy to buy fruits online hassle-free at home with the fastest delivery.