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Blaze CFL 11W B-22 807824

Tk 245

Blaze CFL 15W B-22 807828

Tk 265

Blaze CFL 15W E-27 807829

Tk 265

Blaze CFL 20W B-22 807832

Tk 290

Blaze CFL 20W E-27 807833

Tk 290

Blaze CFL 23W B-22 807836

Tk 295

Blaze CFL 26W B-22 807840

Tk 310

Blaze CFL 30W B-22 807844

Tk 320

Blaze CFL 30W E-27 807845

Tk 320

Blaze CFL 5 W E-27 807817

Tk 215

Blaze CFL 5W B-22 807816

Tk 215

Blaze CFL 65w E27 808062

Tk 990

Blaze CFL 7W B-22 807820

Tk 225

CFL 11W B-22 94952

Tk 220

CFL 15W B-22 94953

Tk 240

CFL 20W B-22 94954

Tk 265

CFL 23W B-22 94955

Tk 275

CFL 26W B-22 94956

Tk 285

CFL 30W B-22 94957

Tk 300

CFL 5W B-22 94950

Tk 180

CFL 65W E-27 94909

Tk 910

CFL 85W Lotus E-27 94963

Tk 1250

Click CFL 11W B22 Blue 807199

Tk 247

Click CFL 11W B22 Green 807201

Tk 247

Click CFL 11W B22 Red 807200

Tk 247

Click CFL 11W B22 Warm White 807189

Tk 250

Click CFL 15W B22 Blue 807205

Tk 267

Click CFL 15W B22 Green 807206

Tk 267

Click CFL 23W B22 Blue 807211

Tk 300

Click CFL 23W B22 Green 807213

Tk 300

Click CFL 23W B22 Warm White 807193

Tk 305

Click CFL 26W B22 Warm White 807195

Tk 340

Click CFL 30W B22 Warm White 807197

Tk 360

Click CFL 5w (B22) Warm White 807185

Tk 220

Click CFL 7W (B22) Warm White 807187

Tk 230

Click CFL White 15 Watt Warm Light 807191

Tk 270

CFL Bulbs

CFL bulbs consume less energy.  Lighting consumes much electricity so making some updates can reduce your energy consumption in a significant way. CFLs can save a notable amount of energy. This also helps in cost savings as well. CFL bulbs can be a brilliant solution to an excessive lighting problem. If you do not get enough light out of your 60-watt fixture, you can use a CFL bulb. A simple place can be turned into a paradise with the help of CFL lights. As a result of the extremely hard work of some lightning scientists, we can now enjoy the lights of CFL lights for lighting our home or office or other places.

A home is where we belong. After long days work, we come home to enjoy peace and rest. Our peace and leisure time can be more momentous if our home is well lighted. A restaurant's beautiful decoration will not enchant its customers if it is not well lighted. Proper lighting can bring peace to our mind. A student cannot read properly if his study room is not adequately lighted. A marriage ceremony seems gloomy if there is no special lighting. Festivals may not look festive if there is no special lighting. Many place and many occasions require much lightning. For that reason variety of lights are also needed. To buy this variety of lights and apparently with the best quality can be your first choice. To save our lighting purpose, we need lights and to save energy we should use CFL bulbs.

CFL bulbs of are brighter and more durable

As one of the leading online shop, can be the best place for you to buy your most useful companion of the daily life. This is the perfect place where you can find your desired CFL lights for sure. Sometimes buying CFL lights can be found a difficult task in Bangladesh because many copied CFL lights are available here and many retail shop owners sell those replica products and cheat the customers. We want to let you know with pride that, it is not an option for buying original CFL lights rather it’s the perfect solution for buying CFL lights because all of our CFL lights are of best quality.

We know quality comes first. We also assure you to provide the most finished CFL lights that assure bright light. You will find every kind of CFL in The main brand that we sell is ‘Blaze’ and ‘click.’ Most of our CFL lights come with a warranty. So, what are thinking about? Need a CFL light? Buy it from online shopping websites Bangladesh and know for sure that you will not have to repent.