Lungi is a traditional dress of the men of Bangladesh. They are wearing lungi for decades. It is the cloth-made with cotton and sometimes linen. It is very comfortable to wear. The men of Bangladesh like to wear it very much. Time was there when Bangladeshi men used to wear it everywhere, but globalization has replaced it with pants.

Now urban men do not wear it during office time and also outside the home, but many traditions are loving people still wear it everywhere. The village men always wear it everywhere including the bazaar, relative's house. The fact is the urban men do not may wear it outside the home, but more than eighty percent men of Bangladesh still wear lungi inside their home because nothing can be more comfortable to wear instead of a lungi.

Lungi can be various types but cotton lungi is most popular, and they are also available in hundreds of color. Previously lungi was made by many groups of people in small factories but these are now being made in large companies, and their quality has increased tremendously. There is more designs and variation now then it was before.

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People of Bangladesh buy lungi from local markets, but most of the time they cannot be satisfied with the Lungi because they do not find the quality that a seller tell them while they buy it. They do not get a comfortable feeling wearing this local lungi. The colors of this lungi do not last long. The lungi also tears very soon. These are the most common issues happening in cities. So buy lungi on online shopping in dhaka along with other cities. You can get rid of this problem if you buy branded lungi that ensures perfect color and cotton. Apparently, you will not get genuine products in a roadside shop to buy it from a reputed shop like Here you will get the best-branded lungi of the country.

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