Onnorokom Science Box: Color of Light

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Onnorokom Science Box: Color of Light

Apparatus of “Color of Light” are:-
Punctured paper, candle, pinhole camera box, bouncing ball, mirror, periscope box, kaleidoscope box etc. What can you do with these?

What can you do with them?
Using different theorems of light like Reflection, Refraction etc. you can do 25 experiments with them. For example, lit a paper without fire, discovering vanished coin, making rainbows with mirror, seeing difficult things with periscope, entering the colorful world of kaleidoscope etc.

Benefits of “Color of Light”
Mainly three theorem of light are used in this science box. Reflection, Refraction and Total internal reflection. It might sound hard, but many interesting experiment can be done with these theorem. And for the most part, day to day objects like glass, papers, light are enough to do these experiments. There's no better way to see the beauty of science other than light as a medium. So much beauty and amazement is hidden within light. That's why “color of light” will induce curiosity about science to children and also color their minds.

This box is full of joy! Things are very simple, but the results are outstanding! You can make rainbow, see stuffs beyond your eyesight, can produce new color and much more! Here we are going to show you the apparatus of Color of light box. Hope you will enjoy.


Periscope! Are you familiar with this name? Periscope is a wonder of science. A mind blowing creation by applying a simple scientific innovation-the reflection of light. Sometimes in a stadium or any crowded place, kids like you can’t see what is happening in the front. Periscope will make it possible. You will be the smartest kid on the block!


Here is a gift from one of the greatest scientist of all time Sir Isaac Newton. He invented a color wheel which can produce new color by mixing some other colors. This is so simple. All you need to do this experiment is a battery casing, motor and some color wheels. For example, take the red and blue wheel. Connect it to the motor and battery. It will start moving, and the color will change! It will amuse you!

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