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Halda Valley Tea The Inspiration Collection Black

Tk 2500

Golden Eyebrow Black Tea 50 gm (20 Sachet)

Tk 365

Golden Eyebrow Black Tea 85 gm

Tk 595

Halda Valley Tea - The Grandeur Black Collection

Tk 3500

Silver Needle White Tea 20 Gm Sachet

Tk 265

Dragon Well Green Tea 30 gm Sachet

Tk 265

Shaw Wallace Premium Blend Tea Bag 25 piece

Tk 60

Shaw Wallace Hotel Special Tea Bag 50 piece

Tk 80

Shaw Wallace CD Tea 500g

Tk 225

Shaw Wallace Fine Dust Packet Tea 500g

Tk 210

Shaw Wallace Gold Black Tea 500g

Tk 210

Shaw Wallace BOP Special Packet Tea 500g

Tk 205

Shaw Wallace Golden Leaf Packet Tea 500g

Tk 180

Shaw Wallace Hotel Special Tea 500g

Tk 215

Shaw Wallace New Danadar Tea 200g

Tk 100

Shaw Wallace New Danadar Tea 100g

Tk 55

Shaw Wallace New Danadar Tea 50g

Tk 28

Shaw Wallace New Danadar Tea 10g

Tk 7

Shaw Wallace Super Clone Tea Family Premium Brand 500g

Tk 235

Shaw Wallace Super Clone Tea Family Premium Brand 400g

Tk 200

Shaw Wallace Super Clone Tea Family Premium Brand 200g

Tk 105

Shaw Wallace Super Clone Tea Family Premium Brand 20g

Tk 10

Silver Needle White Tea 55 gm SNWT55

Tk 625

Dragon Well Green Tea 75 gm DWGT75

Tk 625

Dragon Well Green Tea 55 gm DWGT55

Tk 475

Tea is a kind of plant. Tea mainly grows in China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Ceylon. It grows on the slope of hills or hilly regions. It requires excessive rain water, but the rain water must not stay at the root. The preparation of tea is not hard work. Black leaves are dropped in boiled water. Sugar and milk are also mixed, and a tasteful cup of tea is ready. Tea is a favorite beverage in Bangladesh.

There are hundreds of tea in every city, town, and village only because people of Bangladesh love to drink tea. From rickshaw puller to billionaire businessman all like to drink tea. Many people start their day with a cup of tea. Then during the whole day, they drink several cups of tea. Returning home, they drink tea with their afternoon snacks. Tea refreshes our mood and mind. Students get extra energy for their study drinking a cup of tea. Tea stalls are a common public place seen around our localities. People talk on almost every matter over a cup of tea. Our mothers like to entertain our guests with a cup of tea and some other snacks, but tea is a must.

Tea was brought in our subcontinent by the English during their rule, but the people living here accepted it, and still, they love to drink tea. There are many tea gardens in Sylhet. Millions of foreign dollars are being earned by exporting tea.

Quality tea is available in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, some companies produce many branded tea. Among the companies Abul Khair and Company, Kazi & Kazi, M.M. Ispahani, Unilever are noticeable. Among the brands Brooke Bond TAAZA, Kazi & Kazi Black tea, Kazi & Kazi Ginger Tea, Mirzapore Best Leaf, and Ceylon are popular. These tea brands are available all over the country. Low-quality tea is also available here. They are cheap but do not taste as good as the branded tea. Good quality is controlled by the tea manufacturers, they select the best leaves and processes these with imported machines.

Tea is a typical selling item in grocery shops, departmental stores, super stores, etc. You can buy tea from an online shop too. Online shopping of tea can save your time and money; you also can enjoy shopping sitting at home. You may buy tea online from Othoba.com.