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Tiffin Box

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Round Single Part Tiffin Box 91058 - BBUY

Tk 80

10 Pcs Combo Set Royal 919306

Tk 1100

Apple Shape Tiffin Box White 86551

Tk 60

Care Tiffin Box 1000ml Lime Green 923813

Tk 105

Care Tiffin Box 600ml Lime Green 923819

Tk 85

Care Tiffin Box 900ml Lime Green 923816

Tk 95

Care Tiffin Box Double Light Pink 92672

Tk 115

Cartoon Tiffin Box Piece Pink 92690

Tk 53

Emu Tiffin Box Light Blue 838174

Tk 33

Floppy Rtg Tiffin Box 95277

Tk 170

Marlin Tiffin Box Light Blue 838182

Tk 50

Mickey Tiffin Box Pink 91055

Tk 65

Mimi Rtg Tiffin Box Light Pink 82448

Tk 90

Mina Tiffin Box Pink 917120

Tk 55

Multipurpose Baby Food Plate 81277

Tk 135

Omega Lunch Box Plastico 1500 ML 78433

Tk 335

Pito Tiffin Box One Bati 917067

Tk 110

Pito Tiffin Box Two Bati Pink 917068

Tk 55

Promo Rainbow Tiffin Box 914569

Tk 24

Promo Rainbow Tiffin Box 914568

Tk 55

RFL Snacks Box Pink 91061

Tk 70

Round Double Part Tiffin Box 91059

Tk 120

Round Single Part Tiffin Box 91058

Tk 80

Round Tiffin Carrier 3 Bati 919410

Tk 425

School Tiffin Box Pink 86660

Tk 50

Snacks Box Pink 91061

Tk 70

Spice Pot Transparent 86862

Tk 50

Square Tiffin Carrier 4 Bati 919409

Tk 675

Two Part Baby Food Bowl 81272

Tk 40

Weaning Bowl 81278

Tk 30

Two Part Tiffin Box Pearl Pink 91051

Tk 100 Tk 90

Tiffin Box

Often it so happens that we at the office or classes during our eating time we have to eat the unhygienic foods of the hotels and restaurants. Sometimes this causes significant health issues, and we fall victim to food poisoning. But a tiffin box can help us to get rid of this problem. We can carry the homemade food at our office or our classes through it.  The food remains hot and fresh inside it. This also preserves the nutritional value of the food. So a tiffin box can help us to avoid the unhygienic food of the outside hotels and restaurants and maintain a good physique.

Other than using tiffin box for daily purposes, we can also carry food in it while going to a family picnic or on tour. Also, you can carry snacks in it while going to the gym or when you go out for exercise. Tiffin boxes of different size, shape and of various designs are available at the market. But nowadays many people don’t prefer going to the market for small shopping like buying a tiffin box. Many prefer online shopping for these types of shopping. If you are one of those and want to buy a tiffin box from online, then you must buy it from, the largest online shopping place in Bangladesh.

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There is a specialized section of only tiffin boxes at kitchen appliances online store A vast collection of tiffin boxes of the top brands like RFL, Milton are available here. You will see tiffin boxes of unique and attractive shapes at our website. These are of different sizes and shapes. You can choose the suitable one needed for you from the display. There are many attractive colors with beautiful designs to choose from. You can see all the products with their prices with details; then you can compare them and pick the best-suited one for you.

You can order your products just through a call. So it’s as easy as it can get at here. These boxes are made from 100% food grade raw materials so that you can be assured of the quality of these. And you are getting these tiffin boxes at a very affordable price. Besides, you will enjoy 10% to 26% discount on numerous products at this place. Besides these, you are getting a Soft Drink Dispenser for free with many of the tiffin boxes. So, it’s high time you give your online shopping a new experience by shopping at