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Wall Clock

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Love Frame Wall Clock Red V10

Tk 688
10% Off!

Motion Wall Clock Tel

Tk 350 Tk 315

Round Frame Wall Clock Red V11

Tk 640

Tune Wall Clock Oval (Orange) 900853

Tk 450

Tune Wall Clock Oval Black 900852

Tk 440

Tune Wall Clock TR-2 Orange 900863

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-1 900854

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-3 900856

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-4 900857

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-4 Green 900861

Tk 370

Tune Wall Clock-TR-4 Red 900862

Tk 370

Tune Digital Clock 900864

Tk 1840 Tk 1200

Alarm Clock Auto Bike Model Silver

Tk 500 Tk 208

Wall Clock

The clock we hang on the wall of our room is known as a wall clock. It is the time saying guardian of our home but is that all? No, it can be a thing of room decoration along with its time saying work. A wall clock is run by batteries but there are some digital wall clocks, and those are run by electricity.  We can make the wall of our room with a magnificent clock. It can say our exact time, sometimes alarm and a beautiful look.

Can you do your work without maintaining time? If you can even do it, Do you think that you will be able to complete that within the fixed time? You should do every work maintaining time if you want to prosper in life. To maintain time for working, a hanging clock in your front wall can be your best friend. It can make conscious of your work and when you have done the work within or before the time is up you may feel relaxed and enjoy some leisure by celebrating the completed work.

Wall clocks market in Bangladesh

Except for Dhaka, no big market in Bangladesh sell wall clocks, but you will find many watch shop that sells wall clocks. You can buy that constant companion of your room from these shops. But you should be careful because many replica clocks are available in these shops. The machine used in those may not work properly after few days. Again, you will only find some traditional models there, but here in Bangladeshi online shopping the possibility is unlimited, you can choose from hundreds of them. All of these are latest models, and the products are 100% original. As a result, you do not have to worry about the products longevity. As the machines used in those are original so they will consume less battery energy. One battery will go for a long time.

Wall clocks come in many designs, color, and size now. Here we have presented all the trendy models so that your room gets an updated thing. When you hang these clocks on your room's wall, the beauty will improve to the most significant extent. We have some charming collection this will fit in a girl's room perfectly. The clocks are very exquisite the price kept is very low. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite one right now!