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RFL Baby Weighing Scale 20 Kg

Tk 4120

RFL Weighing Scale 20 Kg

Tk 2060

RFL Weighing Scale 1000 Kg

Tk 32350
0% EMI Starts at Tk 2695.83 / month

Chaka Super White Washing Powder 1000 gm

Tk 120

Chaka Advanced Washing Powder 1000 gm

Tk 80

Straight Handle Mug 1.5L Red BB

Tk 55

Mini Organizer Light Pink

Tk 90

Wall Hanger 10 Hooks

Tk 95

Coat Hanger 42cm

Tk 50

Support 25 Ltr Ice Box Plain Lid BB

Tk 2300

Support 50 Ltr Ice Box Plain Lid BB

Tk 3650

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer 50ML

Tk 145

Sera Cool Water Tank 10000L Mosaic 3 Layer

Tk 108000
0% EMI Starts at Tk 9000 / month

Sera Cool Water Tank 5000L Mosaic 3 Layer

Tk 54000
0% EMI Starts at Tk 4500 / month

Sera Cool Water Tank 3000L Mosaic 3 Layer

Tk 32400
0% EMI Starts at Tk 2700 / month

Sera Cool Water Tank 2000L Mosaic 3 Layer

Tk 21600
0% EMI Starts at Tk 1800 / month

Sera Cool Water Tank 1500L Mosaic 3 Layer

Tk 16200
0% EMI Starts at Tk 1350 / month

Sera Cool Water Tank 1000L Mosaic 3 Layer

Tk 10800
0% EMI Starts at Tk 900 / month

Sera Cool Water Tank 700L Mosaic 3 Layer

Tk 7600
0% EMI Starts at Tk 633.33 / month

Sera Cool Water Tank 500L Mosaic 3 Layer

Tk 5400
0% EMI Starts at Tk 450 / month

Cloth Drying Hanger Rack

Tk 280 Tk 270

Bag Pack & Trolley MAL00482

Tk 3200

Bag Pack & Trolley

Tk 3800

School Bag Pack Coffee

Tk 1350

School Bag Pack Dark Blue

Tk 1350

Mountain Bag

Tk 3250

Traveling Bag Coffee MAL00472

Tk 1800

Leaves King Traveling Bag & Trolley

Tk 3550

Traveling Bag Gray

Tk 2200

Traveling Bag Black

Tk 2200

Traveling Bag Coffee

Tk 2200

PRESIDENT Chinese Luggage Blue

Tk 8900
0% EMI Starts at Tk 741.67 / month

Traveling Bag Maroon

Tk 2200

Fashionable Rainbow Umbrella ODS-59

Tk 650 Tk 375

Folding Black Umbrella ODS-54

Tk 300 Tk 225

Pipper Fabric Softener - By Pine Apple 750ml

Tk 990

Pipper Laundry Detergent - By Pine Apple 750 ml

Tk 990

Fashionable Umbrella Metal & Polyester

Tk 132

Folding Transparent Ball Print Moon Umbrella

Tk 220

Fashionable BMW Motorsport Umbrella

Tk 540

Fashionable Auto Switch Umbrella

Tk 640

Mini Folding Umbrella With Cute Capsule Case

Tk 800 Tk 610

Transparent Clear Umbrella Parasol PVC Waterproof Portable Compact Umbrella

Tk 220

2 Folding Umbrella Black

Tk 250 Tk 210

Fashionable Polyester Umbrella Blue

Tk 378 Tk 300

Fashionable Polyester Umbrella Black

Tk 330

Baby Windproof Umbrella

Tk 475 Tk 410
Free Powder with every Order !

Family Combo Pack Offer 47557

Tk 499


In our daily household, we need a lot of things. Among them some of the most mentionable things such as luggage and travel gear, hanger and cloth clip, bucket, dustpan & bin, bath mug, storage & organizer, umbrella, ladder, water tank, weights, and measures. Some household supplies like toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner are added in the household section of online shopping bd Othoba.com. As you can see, all the things are available at the significant number here.

We know that these things are very much necessary for a household. Keeping clothes without hanger is impossible, you cannot let clothes dry on the roof without clips because the air will take it away; washing clothes and taking a shower is not possible without a bucket, dustpan and bins are very necessary to keep our rooms neat and clean. Various types of storage and organizer can hold many things safely, having an umbrella is a must especially in rainy season, a ladder is essential for our household works and without water tank where would you reserve your daily water? On the other hand, various types are cleaner serve the purpose of our cleaning.  

Shop your daily household only at Othoba.com

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